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Ctrl Z Studios is an industry leading source for legal exhibits, presentations, animations, and 3D modeling; developing the content necessary to showcase our client’s ideas with simple but effective demonstrative pieces. Ctrl Z Studios’ unparalleled experience and capabilities developing accurate and realistic content has led to successful multimedia and presentation services for a variety of legal applications including medical malpractice, construction defects, transportation / vehicular accidents, personal injury, construction site events, and product development.

Ctrl Z Studios’ PowerPoint and Advanced Interactive Multimedia Presentations have been used in opening and closing arguments, expert witness testimony, mediation, arbitration, pre-trial presentations, and general trial support. Other case management tools include video editing, photography, photo-editing, document reconstruction, and document management. Beyond the legal front, Ctrl Z Studios creates renderings, “Virtual Site Visits”, line of sight investigations, and other artistic presentations for the property development and planning industries. We have also developed educational and presentation tools for the engineering community on a wide range of technical challenges.